Student Testimonials and Success Stories

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As an adult, wishing to study Mandarin Chinese, I have found the right niche in your class. It really gives me the basics, is encouraging and I find I look forward to the challenge of learning a new language.. I appreciate your history on China, continuous rote for phonetics, sounds and proper tongue placement. Thanks so much.

D Podvojsky

I spent over a year trying to learn Chinese from the popular courses without success. Then I began the program at NEC and started improving immediately. The one-on-one training gave me the feedback and direction I so desperately needed. The professionally trained educators were smart, friendly, and patient. This is, by far, the best way to learn Chinese. In my opinion, the one-on-one training by highly qualified teachers is the strength. My instructor is smart, friendly, patient, and encouraging. The classroom time is the most important and useful aspect of the training. Everybody here was such a pleasure to work with. This has been one of my best experience.

Mark R.

My initial struggle with pronunciation quickly transformed into a more natural tongue as our classes continued. Thanks to you I was able to not only speak with the small children on my China trip, but the lessons on bartering also allowed me to speak Chinese to workers and shop owners. Thank you so much for all of the intense work you put into my classes! I’m excited to delve deeper into the Chinese language.

Zoe D

I was very impressed with how you ran the class. Your energy level was great and my kids really responded to it. That was the most involved I have ever seen the students in Chinese class. Everyone was engaged, having fun, and responding loudly. It was really great to see! I also thought it was particularly effective how you changed activities frequently so that no one got bored. Just wanted you to know that I thought you did a great job and that my kids had a blast.

Greg K

Thanks for all your Emails to communicate about my son. I showed your email to my husband last night and he was very impressed with your strong responsibility as a teacher. He is happy that I found a great teacher for our son. We are sure that he will not only learn Chinese very well from you, but also learn to be a real gentleman in the near future.

Kelsey Y

I feel so lucky that I finally found you as my two kid’s Chinese teacher. Over the past 3 years, I’ve sent them to four different Chinese schools, but they did not like any of them and I had to quit. Not because I was a quitter but I found the way the teachers taught did not interest them. So I took them to China this summer for a month hoping for them to be able to learn some Chinese. In the end, they learned no more than 10 words. I was in despair knowing my kids would never learn Chinese. I feel so lucky meeting you by chance one month ago, maybe God had pity on me and sent you to help me. Now, in just one month, my kids finished one Chinese book and can read almost 50 words, and they learned to spell out words by themselves! And most importantly, they enjoy your class and can’t wait to see you, this is something I’ve never seen before. I believe they will master Chinese in a few years. Now I feel at ease and will show off their Chinese next time when I take them to visit China. Thank you so much!

Mei H