SAT Test Preparation Course

The SATs, while difficult enough for the native English speaking student, can become a different kind of challenge for the non-native English speaking student.

Our test preparation course is specifically targeted for students from Chinese-language speaking backgrounds, with options for individual training or training in small-group.

Our course will teach the student strategies for maximizing their SAT score, in a pace tailored to the student or the group.

Rates and scheduling are flexible. Additional preparation materials will be provided as a supplement to the study guides that you may already be using.

The SAT is an important part of the student’s passage from High School to College: bring your score to a higher level by being prepared!

Please contact us today for more information about this course.

Dr. Jonathan ReillyAbout the Course Teacher:

Dr. Jonathan Reilly is fluent in both spoken and written Chinese. He has twenty years of teaching experience in the areas of university-level political science coursework, English as a second language (ESL), conversational Mandarin Chinese, and test preparation for standardized exams such as the SAT, GRE and the TOEFL.