Lessons For Everyone

Lessons for Adults

Chinese ArtWe offer private live Mandarin Chinese lessons for adults that will help you achieve your specific Chinese learning goals.

Our Adult lessons are especially suited for people who intend to use the Chinese language for the purpose of conducting business in China, and cover a wide range of topics and learning materials specifically related to business activities.

Our Chinese courses are based on your level, pace, and learning style. Tell us your Chinese learning goals and we will design a personalized and professional study plan for you!

Lessons for Teens

Our Chinese lessons for teens are specially designed for young adults from 10 to 17 years old. We develop personalized study plans designed for each teen’s Chinese learning style and pace.

Our study plan is based on proven Chinese language acquisition theories for teens. In our Chinese lessons, we offer a variety of interesting topics that make learning Chinese effective and fun for teens! Chinese lessons at NEC can be one of the best investments you make for your child’s future. Give your child the tools to succeed in life!

Lessons for Kids

Child In ChinaThe earlier your kids start learning Chinese, the easier it will be for them to master the language. These courses help children (from 3 to 9 years old) learn Chinese while playing games and discussing topics.

We develop a personalized study plan for kids learning Chinese based on each child’s learning style and pace. Choosing kids Chinese lessons at NEC is one of the best investments you can make for your children’s futures.

And don’t miss our annual Learn Chinese Summer Camps that we offer!


The Immersion Program – Learn Chinese IN China

At the core of NEC’s offerings is the Immersion Program. With short and long-term opportunities, the Immersion Program delivers the invaluable experience of complete immersion within a highly conducive and well-organized learning environment. Attend 2-8 weekly hours of intensive one-on-one Mandarin lessons and learn Chinese with the most efficient program there is.

Read more about learning Chinese in China through our Immersion Program…