About New England Chinese School

NEC Chinese Language School offers you a brand new Chinese learning experience which includes our qualified teachers, private classes, advanced multimedia technology and many different activities. We guarantee that you will not only learn faster and better, but enjoy the overall learning experience!

Meet the Principal - Nita Li Ni

Nita - Founder, principal, and lead teacherNita is NEC’s founder, principal, and lead teacher. She loves sharing her knowledge of China to help others experience the joy of multi-culturism. Her passion is helping students attain their study goals while making learning enjoyable along the way.

Nita has been teaching since 1998, from Pre/K level to college level and beyond. In 2008, she became principal of WEB International School in China because of her outstanding skills in educating and leading.

In 2010, she moved to U.S and brought her rich teaching experience to CBCGN school and Derry Chinese School. Her unique way of teaching is to help the students learn Chinese faster and better with lots of fun. In 2012, Nita was hired as the principal of DCS.

Teaching is her passion and she sees it as building bridges between China and the rest of the world

Awards and Recognition

  • Founder of NEC Chinese Language School
  • Organizer and bilingual host of Chinese Culture Society of Greater Nashua
  • Board member of CBCGN School
  • Principal of the Greater Derry Chinese School
  • Bilingual Host of Nanchang China broadcast station
  • Chinese Teaching Certificate from China
  • MTEL MA Chinese Teaching Certificate

Meet Our Teachers

Wei Zhao

Meijun Forge

Katy Henley

Edwin Ouying

Mei Li

Hun Han

Katie Xiao

June Zhou