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Learn Chinese for Travel

What better way to truly submerge in a culture that you're visiting than to learn the language of the people who live there.

Chinese language lessons with NEC Chinese Language School often include the topics of Chinese history and culture to further enrich your experience of China.

Learn Chinese for Business

Many international businesses show a preference for hiring people who can speak more than one language.

With the huge market that China has become, many of these businesses are looking to hire employees who can speak Chinese and successfully navigate in Chinese cultural contexts and situations.

Learn For Personal Enrichment

The study of the Chinese language and culture might be what helps you bridge a cultural gap in your social or dating life, or in an adoption process.

Ever imagined yourself teaching English in a foreign country? Why not China?

Or, just learn Chinese to enrich yourself!

Latest News and Announcements

This Year Summer Camp Dates Announced!

This Year Summer Camp Dates Announced!

Last year’s Summer Camps were a great hit for those who attended them. We’re pleased to...

Learn Chinese IN China with Us!

Learn Chinese IN China with Us!

We’re pleased to be offering this wonderful opportunity at NEC.  Students of the Chinese langu...

Registration is Starting… NOW!

Registration is Starting… NOW!

Did you know there is no need to wait to begin learning Chinese? At NEC, classes are begun and proce...

Last Year Summer Camp Successes!

Last Year Summer Camp Successes!

Here at NEC Chinese Language School we’re please to have completed another year of summer camp...


Our Methods Feature:

  • Multimedia materials
  • Small class sizes
  • Flexible study time
  • Qualified teachers
  • Chinese cultural activities

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